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Mi Adorable Frenchies

From Comstock Park Michigan

20200419_224353 (2).jpg

                      Hi my name is Nina

              I am a Lilac and my DNA is:

              a/a, em/e, ky/ky, d/d, co/co.


                    Hi my name is Boots

          I am a Blue & Tan and my DNA is:

                  Em/Em, ky/ky, at/a, S/S,

                    d/d, m/m, co/n


                    Hi my name is Layla

          I am a Lilac & fawn carries Fluffy

                        and my DNA is:

            Em/Em, ay/at, S/sp, d/d, co/co.


                    Hi my name is Odin

  I am a Lilac carries Fluffy and my DNA is:                                           Em/e, d/d, K/N, at/a, N/S, In/In co/co


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